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Vampires are a race of ancient creatures that drink blood to survive, and are vastly different than the common view of folkloric vampires. They are a pale, hairless, eyeless humanoid species who lived underground in vast hives and colonies. The discovery of vampires by humans led to a centuries long war which devastated the planet, turning much of the surface into a dystopian wasteland. The vampire wars gave rise to a totalitarian theocracy known as The Church, who built walled cities and created the Priests to combat the vampires. After the formation of The Church, the majority of the vampires were killed, with the known remainder being placed in special reservations. Known vampires consisted of queens, hive guardians, drones, and human familiars. These familiars were infected with a pathogen slightly changing their physical appearance, and making them subservient to the vampire and serving their needs during daylight hoping to earn favor and be turned themselves. However, due to the reclusive nature of the vampires and their complete means of reproduction, it is unknown if these infected humans can be fully turned, or if they are simply thralls of the vampire. The creation of Black Hat led to a new unknown breed, a human/vampire hybrid, of which Black Hat is the only known example and possible progenitor of the species. Vampires are mammals with a hive mind similar to ants and bees, although a queen does not appear to be necessary for vampires to survive on their own, as represented by the reservations. The vampires' exact form of hierarchy, reproduction, and life cycle is not known as they have been rendered nearly extinct and only remnants of their civilization remain. However it can be assumed the queens laid eggs and directed the hives, but the exact method of the creation of the vampire/human hybrid and their role in the hierarchy lead to an even bigger mystery.

The War[]

The war against vampires

It remains unknown exactly when the Vampire Wars began, as the two races have been locked in conflict since before recorded history. During the 21st century, the humans started a full-scale nuclear war against the vampires. This failed to exterminate the vampires but killed most of the earth's plants and animals, leaving most of the planet an irradiated wasteland. The remaining habitable areas are the walled Cathedral Cities, governed by the Church. It was not until the arrival of the priests that the tide began to turn for humanity. When it seemed that mankind had finally triumphed, the remaining vampire colonies were confined to reservations. Little did the humans know that their enemies were merely biding their time.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the natural predators of humans, vampires possess superior physical attributes compared to those of humans and even most animals.

  • Super Strength - Vampires are much stronger than humans; able to easily dismember them by the dozens.
  • Super Speed - Vampires are quick enough to appear as blurs of motion.
  • Super Agility - Vampires are agile and flexible; able to jump to great heights and climp up walls and ceilings.
  • Super Senses - Vampires possess heightened sense of smell that allow them to smell blood from across long distances, enhanced hearing, and night vision.