The Sola Mira queen was the queen of the Sola Mira vampire nest, when two survivors of a group of vampire hunters (priest and Black Hat) were fleeing from a large group of vampire drones. Priest and Black Hat were almost seconds away from exiting the nest, when the group of vampires caught Black Hat. Priest tried to save Black Hat by pulling him out of the nest by the wrist, but the vampires were too strong and they pulled Black Hat down a hole. Priest then retreated.

The group of vampire drones brought the survivor forth to the center of the nest. And after the drones were done feeding on the survivor, the queen scratched her wrist, forcing the survivor to feed on her blood which was absorbed into his DNA, making him a vampire/human hybrid.

It was stated that the queen wasn't on the train, so if there is a sequel coming up, the queen will probably be in it along with Black Hat, who probably survived the train crash which was hinted with his hat being only slightly burned.

=== Appearance and biology ===

The queen appeared as a large pale red vampire with two crest resembling bat ears and has a large flap of skin that runs from wrists all the way to her ankles,presumbaly used for gliding. She also has long claws used for scratching her enemies all though she leaves that to her drones most of the time.

Her blood seems to fuse with a priest's special blood thus the priest becoming a human/vampire hybrid. Out of all vampire cast she is the most intelligent like using strategies and knowing how to make hybrids. Black Hat is not included because he is not a full blood vampire.