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"He'll come after me. He'll come after you!"

Vital statistics
Role Priest's daughter (First believed to be his niece)
Gender Female
Age 16-20
Race Human
Featured in Movie
Portrayed by Lily Collins

Lucy is the daughter of Priest (First believed to be his niece). Lucy is kidnapped by a group of vampires and her father (Priest) must break his vows in order to save Lucy. He is joined by Lucy's boyfriend, Hicks, and a former Warrior Priestess. Her mother is Shannon and her uncle (first believed to be her father) is Owen.


Lucy is a semi-rebellious stereotypical teenager whom just wants some type of freedom from her boring farm life style. Because of her rebellious nature, she is prone to attracting dangerous situations. She has also been portrayed to be a very quick thinker, and proficient at the art of lying. She puts her ability to lie to use to when she says that she has spent her whole day in town, when it was believed that she had spent the whole day with her boyfriend [whom is also the sheriff of the town].