Father Joshua is one of the possible current leaders of The Order of St. Vertinez. Joshua was recruited by Father Raul Piestro after he found Joshua in an asylum. The asylum was run by a Doctor Gerrard who was commissioned by St. Vertinez to create supersoldiers, with Joshua being one of only three who survived the process. It is hinted at that he was or is mad due to hearing the voice of God in his mind and was submitted because of this. Later he is seen hallucinating in the form of angels flying next to him.

He has brought a huge number of members of the Order to make an army to defeat "heretics." He is first seen praying at a ruined shrine with another priest, Father Antoine. Later, he is with a group of St. Vertinez members who wipe out an entire village that was infected by Temozarela's plague. After a child escapes, possibly uninfected, they kill him, accusing them all of heresy. After Cairo, an Indian travelling with Coburn, sees this, he descends on the Order and starts killing them. During this, Joshua hurls a knife which cuts off his arm. After this, he rejoins the main force of the army. He appears to have designs of various crosses all over his body.

Joshua appears quite indifferent when a member of St. Vertinez dies, remarking only "Presume them martyrs." During the battle of Windtale, he comforts and encourages the other members telling them blind faith is needed. Later, a member is killed by one of Cairo's knives and Joshua asks if the thrower knows him. It is actually Coburn who confirms it and then clashes with Joshua head on.