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"After all. If you're not committing sin... you're not having fun!"

- Black Hat

Black Hat
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Vital statistics
Role Satanic Priest
Gender Male
Age 27-38
Race Human Vampire
Featured in Movie
Portrayed by Karl Urban

Black Hat is played by Karl Urban in the movie Priest. He was a former priest and vampire hunter, though he became a Satanic Priest and the first human vampire. He is the main antagonist in the movie, being responsible for kidnapping Lucy, Priest's niece.

Powers and Abilities[]

Black Hat refers to himself as the "God of the Vampires", which he clearly shows by wearing a hat with the very same text on it. He was a human-vampire hybrid. Additionally, he was a Priest and possessed superior physical abilities even as a human.

  • Super Strength - After his capture and exposure to the Vampire Queen's blood, Black Hat's already superhuman attributes were increased to the point where he could puncture a man's rib cage with one punch, leap impressive distances, dent steel with his punches and footsteps and send a grown man across several feet with one punch.
  • Healing Factor - He was able to virtually regenerate from any wound.
  • Super Senses - Black Hat can smell blood running through a person's veins.
  • Super Speed - Black Hat could move fast enough to dodge repeated punches by Priest.
  • Super Agility - Black Hat maintained his superior agility as a human vampire. 
  • Sunlight Immunity - Black Hat could survive Sunlight due to being a human vampire. 

Black Hat also appeared to be the leader of the familiars (probably through fear) and had the ability to transform humans into familiars by biting them with his fangs. All in all, Black Hat could be considered to have grown strong enough to be considered a god among vampires and familiars.


While he appeared to die near the film's end being caught in a massive inferno of flames, there is a possibility that Black Hat survived the explosion since his hat came floating back down a few moments later and landed at Priest's feet while being only slightly burned. Thus, if a sequel to "Priest" is made then Black Hat could potentially return as a villain.


  • A black hat is the villain or bad guy, especially in a western movie in which such a character would wear a black hat in contrast to the hero's white hat. The hat is a nod to the graphic novel.
  • Black Hat did not appear to have his trademark hat before he became a vampire.
  • In a deleted scene for the film, Black Hat was shown wielding two curved blade-like weapons during the assault on Sola Mira, one of the largest vampire hives. However, by the time of the film he has abandoned these weapons.
  • In another deleted scene taking place after Black Hat's apparent death, Priest is shown talking to Lucy that she and everyone else are still not safe, because "He's still out there." further implying that he survived the train explosion.


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