The 2nd Angel
Achmode 002
Vital statistics
Role 2nd Angel
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Angel
Featured in Graphic novel
Portrayed by N/A
Achmode is the second Fallen Angel to battle Ivan Isaacs on his pilgrimage. Achmode fancies himself an artist and a beast all at once. After turning a village into mindless zombies feasting on one another, Achmode mutilates some of them and changes them into towering undead killers and winged monstrosites, expressing his twisted artistic sense.

After fighting his way through Achmode's make-shift angels, Ivan is confronted by Christine, Achmode's latest work, a child deformed into a hawk-like form. Achmode offers Ivan a glimpse of Christine's "dream", a retelling of the heretical angels' fall. When Ivan overcomes and kills Christine with the help of Belial, Achmode is further enraged by Belial's insults about his 'glorious past' being little more than mindless instinct. Achmode decides to kill Ivan himself, despite Temozarela's orders to the contrary.

In the battle that follows, Ivan's best efforts to destroy Achmode aren't enough, and Belial demands that Ivan turn complete control of his body over to him. Ivan refuses to give up what little is left of his control for any reason, even after the monstrous Achmode bites off his arm. As Achmode is about to finish Ivan off, Armand, Temozarela's lieutenant, intervenes. He accuses Achmode of betraying their lord after his many years of service and slays him, saying 'He does not resent your foolish yearning to enter heaven'. In a bizarre twist, Armandiel grants Ivan the severed arm of Achmode to replace his, saying that it will make him more than human and give him an actual chance of fulfilling his goal.

His sacred site is Small Bosack.

Personality Edit

Although Achmode praises and supports Temozaraela, there is also some hint of regret for leaving Heaven and rebelling against God, hence Armand's comment made before he slays Achmode. During his time of exile, Achmode assumes the role of "God" by creating these macabre "angels" and creating a fantasy world where he and his angels live in a false Heaven. Christine's dream could be a metaphor for Achmode's dream to return to Heaven and God's grace. As he dies, he drags Ivan back into his illusion of Heaven where he, in his true angelic form, laments to the priest about God's voice.